Rider Resources

Passenger Code of Conduct

1. Passenger shall comply with all applicable laws and ordinances; obey the law;

2. Passengers shall be courteous to and respectful of other passengers and the driver and behave in a way that does not cause a safety hazard or personal interference to others;

3. Passengers shall only bring items on the bus that are small personal items that do not represent a safety hazard to themselves, other passengers, the driver or the general public. Depending on space available and at the discretion of the driver,passengers are permitted to bring skis, poles, snowboards and, from time to time, bicycles on board the bus;

4. Passengers shall respect MRTA property and shall not interfere with transit operations;

5. Passengers shall only bring animals on board a transit vehicle that are service animals (those trained to assist with a disability) or are in an enclosed carrier. Passengers shall clean up after any animal on MRTA property;

6. Passengers shall not distract the driver while the bus is in motion;

7. Passengers shall stand in back of the standee line while the bus is in motion;

8. Passengers shall refrain from biking, skating or rollerblading on MRTA property;

9. Passengers shall refrain from using tobacco products, including e-cigarettes on Mountain Rides property and at bus stops;

10. Passengers shall keep our buses and facilities clean and shall discard litter in designated receptacles;

11. Passengers shall only consume non-alcoholic beverages from spill-proof, covered containers on MRTA vehicles and shall not eat on MRTA vehicles;

12. Passengers shall park on MRTA property for no more than 18 hours at a time and only for the purpose of accessing MRTA services;

13. Passengers shall yield their seat for senior citizens, those in wheelchairs and those with limited mobility or mobility assistance devices;

14. Passengers shall wear appropriate clothing and shoes at all times while on MRTA vehicles or properties, unless medical accommodation is necessary;

15. Passengers shall only use MRTA properties and vehicles for personal use and shall not engage in commercial, solicitation, or promotional activities;

16. Passengers shall pay the fare which is appropriate for them or shall present a valid, MRTA issued pass.

Any person who fails to follow this Code of Conduct may be ordered to leave or otherwise be restricted or excluded in the use of MRTA vehicles, facilities, or properties, which shall be referred to as a Notice of Exclusion.  The Notice of Exclusion is immediately effective upon delivery, and may take the form of a verbal or written notice.  Failure to immediately comply with such a removal or exclusion order may be grounds for prosecution for criminal trespass and/or unlawful transit conduct.

How to Ride

  • Be early to your bus stop – give yourself enough time to get to the stop and wait for the bus
  • Watch for the bus and make sure you are visible to the driver
  • Pull cable or call “next stop” when approaching your stop. If you are unsure of which stop, ask your driver
  • Pets are allowed ONLY if in a carrier or a service animal
  • No food or drinks
  • Lost and found, please call 208-788-7433 x103
  • All routes are FREE!
  • Strollers: MRTA, for the safety of our passengers and infants, requires that  infants be removed from strollers of any kind and the stroller collapsed and stowed.

Luggage and all other personal belongings must:

  • Safely fit under your seat or in your lap
  • Not block aisles or doorways
  • Not cause a safety risk or inconvenience to other passengers
  • not be placed in wheelchair securement areas or on seats.

Part Of The Solution Partners

Bikes, Skis and Snowboards

  • Ski and bike racks are on a first-come, first serve basis. Loading and unloading is your responsibility, driver may not be able to assist. (scroll down to video on how to load your bike)
  • Place all skis or bikes in secure racks on the exterior of the bus. Driver will determine available space in case ski equipment must be brought inside the bus (all ski equipment brought inside the bus must remain under your control and out of the aisle)
  • Snowboards must be brought inside the bus and remain with you.
  • Tandem bikes and bikes with child carriers are not allowed. Baskets and panniers should be removed from bike prior to placing the bike on the rack.
  • Mountain Rides is not responsible for any damage or loss of property while in transit.

Lost & Found

In Person
For Blue Route and Routes in Ketchum/Sun Valley: Mountain Rides’ Lost and Found is located in Ketchum at 800 1st Avenue North (behind Webb Landscape). Lost and Found is available Monday – Friday during business hours, 8am – 5pm.

For Valley and Hailey Routes: Mountain Rides’ Lost and Found is located in Bellevue at 121 Clover St. Lost and Found is available Monday – Friday during business hours, 8am – 5pm.

By Phone
If you’d like to report a lost item by phone, please leave a message on our Lost & Found phone line at 208-788-7433 x103

Use the form below to report a lost item and receive a return email confirming receipt of your claim.

When using the online form:
Don’t report the same lost item more than once. Repeated claims by web and/or phone will delay returns;

Be specific and provide as much detail as you can when describing your item. Our online form will help to guide you;

We will contact you only if a match is found for your claimed item. It may take up to three business days for us to match your item, retrieve it and contact you. If we don’t contact you within five business days, unfortunately it means that your item wasn’t recovered.

    Please provide a description of the lost item. Indicate make, model, description / identifiable markings and where the item was left on the bus. If known, please include the name of the driver.

    Tell us when and where you traveled on Mountain Rides when you believe you lost the item.

    We will contact you only if a match is found for your claimed item. It may take up to three business days for us to match your item, retrieve it and contact you. If we don't contact you within five business days, unfortunately it means that your item wasn't recovered.

    Title VI Information

    Click here to see the Non-Discrimination policy-Your rights under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. For information about how to file a complaint, click here to download the information and the complaint form.

    Mountain Rides operates as a public agency under a Joint Powers Agreement, a partnership that includes the cities of Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley and Blaine County. Mountain Rides funding comes from local option sales tax and general funds from its local funding partners, as well as from the Federal Transit Administration and revenue from fares.

    Local Cities   
    Sun Valley 
    Blaine County

    Major Partnerships
    Idaho Mountain Express
    Blaine County School District
    The Community School
    St. Luke’s
    Sun Valley Company
    Webb Landscaping
    Wood River YMCA
    The Sage School

    Major Sponsors
    Backwoods Mountain Sports
    BCRD-Blaine County Recreation District
    The Elephant’s Perch
    The Sawtooth Club
    Sun Valley Company
    Wood River YMCA

    Partners in Sustainability
    Blaine County Recreation District

    Area Resources
    Visit Sun Valley
    Hailey Chamber of Commerce

    Beyond Mountain Rides
    Need to get beyond the Valley? Here are a few services that will take you where we can’t:

    Miller’s Limo Local Taxi Service

    Sun Valley to/from Boise: Both Holiday Motor Coach and
    Sun Valley Express run daily shuttles between Sun Valley and Boise

    Within the Treasure Valley: Trans IV operates fixed route and commuter services in Twin Falls and surrounding cities

    Transitional Housing – One of the main benefits is that they offer a 24/7 confidential helpline and an extensive list of free addiction resources for those in Idaho.