Bike and Pedestrian Programs

  • Become a member of MR BikeShare.
  • Ride one of the 40 cruiser bikes to run errands or go to appointments in Hailey or Ketchum.
  • BikeShare uses wireless technology, GPS and a lock system to locate, reserve and ride any of the bikes.
  • Reserve a bike from the website, smartphone app or the keypad on the bike.
  • BikeShare is affordable, has flexible pass options and each option gives you 60 minutes free riding per day.
  • Choose one of the passes:
  1. Seasonal Membership $65
  2. Monthly Membership $30
  3. 4 -day pass $12
  4. Pay-as-you-go $5
  • Business passes available at a discount with purchase of 5 or more passes.
  • Join and receive a member number, choose a pin # and unlock the bike to start your ride.
  • Go to to join!

Contact Mountain Rides today to sign up or to have someone come to your business to give you an overview: 208-788-7433 x104 or email


What is safe routes to school?
Safe Routes to School is a federally funded program that helps communities to improve safety, reduce traffic congestion, and promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging and enabling children to walk or bike to school.

What does safe routes do?
Safe Routes provides grant money to communities for both infrastructure projects (sidewalks, crosswalks, and connectors) and for education and encouragement programs

Why is safe routes important?

  • More than 25% of morning traffic can be attributed to cars dropping children off at school
  • Experts recommend that children get at least 60 minutes of age appropriate exercise every day
  • In 1969, 42% of children walked to school. Today, that number is at just 13%
  • Studies have shown that children who walk or bike actually have higher academic performance than those who are driven
  • A family who walks to school reduces their carbon use by .164 metric tons a year
  • Even if you don’t have kids, you stand to benefit from Safe Routes. Recent studies show that the higher the walk-ability of your neighborhood, the higher the value of your home.

What does mountain rides have to do with safe routes? Mountain Rides is proud to coordinate Safe Routes in all Blaine County elementary schools and the Wood River Middle School. Promoting walking and biking is a huge part of Mountain Rides’ mission to provide transportation alternatives to the single occupancy vehicle.

Safe routes projects
Hemingway Sidewalks // Warm Springs Crossing // Elm Street Connector // Cedar Street Sidwalks // Glenwood Connector (Summer 2010) // Woodside Blvd Sidewalks (Summer 2011)

Safe routes successes
Increased participation to 21% in 2008 // Secured nearly $400,000 in infrastructure, education, and encouragement projects // Started bike and walk groups throughout Blaine County

Safe routes in your hood
Safe Routes has helped organize bike and walk groups that keep kids safe, take the stress out of the morning commute, and reduce traffic congestion. Call us to join one today!

Get involved
Safe Routes is establishing a Task Force at every school. The Task Force will help us plan events, develop travel plans, and identify infrastructure project priorities. We want to get a mix of people with varied experiences— parents, teachers, seniors, students, city officials, and police officers. Call us to get involved today!

Have questions? Want to join a bike or walk group? Call 788.RIDE (7433) x104 or email

Fall 2017

Bike to Work/School Day is TBD!

Thank you to the Sponsors for Bike to Work and School day, 2016:
Coffee Corner, Sun Valley Garden Center, Power Engineers, Sun Summit South, Rocky Mountain Hardware, BCRD, Chartwell’s, Marketron, Idaho Insurance Specialists, The Drug Coalition, Calvary Bible Church, Zenergy, Sturtevant’s, Formula Sports, St. Luke’s Wood River, Wood River Bike Coalition, Club Ride, Sawtooth Brewery, Elephant’s Perch, Community School, Higher Ground, Wood River YMCA and Pioneer Montessori School. Thank you to Clif Bar for their in-kind donation.

Thank you to the Sponsors for Bike to Work day, 2015:
Power Engineers, Sun Summit South, The Sage School, Rocky Mountain Hardware, BCRD, Marketron, Idaho Insurance Specialists, Blaine County Relay for Life, Sturtevant’s, Sun Valley Real Deals, Formula Sports, St. Luke’s Wood River, Wood River Bike Coalition, Club Ride, Higher Ground, Wood River YMCA and Pioneer Montessori School. Thank you to Hammer Nutrition for their in-kind donation.

Thank you to the Sponsors out on the Wood River Trail for 2014:
Power Engineers, Rocky Mountain Hardware, The Sage School, BCRD, Marketron, Idaho Insurance SpecialistsSmith Optics, Sturtevant’s, St. Luke’s Wood River, Formula Sports, Pete Lane’s Sun Valley, Wood River Bike Coalition, Club Ride. Higher Ground, ERC, Pioneer Montessori School, and Wood River YMCA
Thank you also to CLIF BAR for your donation of CLIF Bars for the event!

Thanks to our sponsors on the trail for 2013: 
Power Engineers, Rocky Mountain Hardware, Sun Summit South, BCRD, Marketron, Wood River Bike Coalition, Smith Optics, Formula Sports, Sturtevant’s, Scott USA, St. Luke’s Wood River, Pete Lane’s Sun Valley, Higher Ground, Pact, ERC, Pioneer Montessori School, Wood River YMCA

Mountain Rides is more than just buses—we’re committed to improving mobility for everyone, including pedestrians and cyclists. Our activities in these areas include:

  • Safe Routes to School Programs
  • Complete Streets Advocacy
  • Bike Share Feasibility Study
  • Partnership with the Wood River Bike Coalition
  • Fall Bike/Walk to School Day is TBD
  • National Walk/Bike to School Day Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Call or email us for more details on any of our events! 788-RIDE (7433) x104 or

To learn more about improving biking and walking in your community, check out these organizations and sites:

Idaho Pedestrian and Bicycle Alliance
Idaho Transportation Department Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning
Community Transportation Association of Idaho
Wood River Bike Coalition

The National Center for Bicycling and Walking
Bikes Belong Coalition
Alliance for Walking and Biking
National Center for Safe Routes to School
America Walks
League of American Bicyclists