Mountain Rides has partnered with Idaho Rideshare, an online platform for finding carpools, vanpools, and bike partners. Idaho Rideshare is “powered by brilliant commuters like you.” With Idaho Rideshare, you can find a one-time trip or a daily carpool ride to work or to school. You can also log your trips (bike, bus, walk, carpool, etc) to see how much carbon and money you’re saving. Joining is quick, easy and free.

Employers can even create their own networks with internal contests, encouraging employees to embrace an active lifestyle and reduce pollution. Studies show that companies with employees who carpool , vanpool, or  have bike commuters save money, have higher productivity and lower healthcare costs. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for an employer account today.

For more information, and for those who want to start a vanpool, call or email Jim to get started: 788-RIDE x106 or

SOUNDS GOOD. Now how do I get an Idaho Rideshare Account?

To Set Up an Account:

  1. Go to Idaho Rideshare
  2. Click on “Don’t have an account? Click Here to Sign Up!”
  3. Enter your information

SWEET. How do I win stuff?
Rewards are available to members of Idaho Rideshare based on the number of trips or total miles traveled. To be eligible for rewards, you have to log your trips (don’t worry it’s super simple).

To log your trips:

  1. Click on Calendar
  2. Click on your mode of travel — for example, bus — then enter the trip details that it prompts for
  3. Click on the days that you used the bus
  4. Repeat for other modes

You’ll automatically be entered in any reward program you’re eligible for, and you can always check to see what rewards are available under Benefits. See, super easy.

How Do I Find A Carpool?

  1. To find a carpool, whether it’s recurring or a single trip, click on “Ride Match”
  2. Enter the parameters of your trip
  3. Idaho Rideshare will search its database to find a carpool in your area

How can I Calculate my financial and emissions savings?
On the Idaho Rideshare homepage, there is a “Commute Cost Calculator” in the bottom left-hand corner. Enter the requested information to find out the true cost of your commute…we have a feeling you’ll be surprised! Idaho Rideshare also helps you keep track of how much carbon and money you save by biking, busing, walking, or carpooling. Every time you log in, you’ll see your cumulative fuel and emissions savings in the “Your Achievements” box.

How can I find A Carpool to a specific event?
You can use Idaho Rideshare to find a ride to events throughout the Valley. If you’re putting on an event, add it to the calendar to help people coordinate rides.

To find a carpool to an event:

  1. Click on Events —View Events
  2. Find the event you’re interested in, then click “Add Trip to Event”
  3. Add your info and Idaho Rideshare will hook up with a carpool

To add your own event:

  1. Click on Events —Add Event
  2. Enter your event name, info, location, schedule, and a logo and additional info if you want
  3. Idaho Rideshare will add the event to your networks calendar, allowing anyone in the network to find a ride to your event