Advertising and Doing Business with Mountain Rides

Advertising with Mountain Rides

Advertising Contact: Kim MacPherson 208-788-7433 x103 or email:

Testimonial from Steve at Far & Away Adventures…
“The bus is the best local advertising I’ve ever had.”

Get “ON” the bus

Are you looking for a way for your business to be seen day after day by tens of thousands of people — locals, tourists, and part-timers? Something that is highly visible and attractive? A truly unique advertising opportunity?

Consider advertising on Mountain Rides buses or vans. Interior ads are seen by our ridership of over 500,000 people annually, a ridership that is increasing every year. Exterior ads are seen by all those who live, work, or visit the Wood River Valley. We have buses that run throughout Ketchum, Sun Valley, Hailey, and Bellevue, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Interior Advertising
Interior ad contracts include placement in every large bus in our fleet — 12 buses in total that run throughout the year. These ads can be used to promote a business, an event, a campaign, or a public service. Ad production cost is not included in the cost of the ad placement. Guidelines for interior ads include:

  1. Ads must be submitted according to standards set by Mountain rides.
  2. Discounts available for multiple placements on exterior ads: 5% for 2-4 placements; 10% for 5 or more placements.
  3. Non-profit entities will receive a 10% discount with 501C verification.
  4. Public Service announcements from non-profits will be accepted on a space available basis for interior ad space.
  5. Interior Poster pricing does not include graphic design. Twenty (20) laminated posters, 11″x 17″, should be delivered to Mountain Rides. Posters will be installed within the week.

Exterior Advertising
For maximum exposure in the Sun Valley area, consider placing an exterior ad on one or more of our buses. For the price of a few newspaper ads, you can have year round exposure for your business or organization to an audience that consists of anyone who happens to be driving, walking, or biking near one of our buses (a HUGE amount of exposure in terms of viewings), not to mention all who ride our buses.

  1. Pricing does not include production and installation costs. Ads must be produced and installed in accordance with Mountain Rides’ sizing and placement guides.
  2. Pricing does not include graphic design — ads must be submitted according to standards set by Mountain Rides in a format that meets production requirements.
  3. 20 buses are available for exterior placements with 3 placements per bus — passenger side, driver side, and rear.
  4. 6 month or 1 year contract terms available.
  5. Commuter Van windows are also available for exterior ad placement.

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