Bus Passes

Welcome to Mountain Rides’ Bus Pass Information.
When you buy your passes through our online store, the passes will be mailed that day (except for Saturday and Sunday which will be mailed the following Monday.)
If you need them sooner, passes can be picked up at our office in Bellevue or you can buy from one of our vendors in Bellevue, Hailey or Ketchum.

NEW! $100 summer pass for adults Good through August. (only available through Mountain Rides online or call the office.)

Check out the Summer pass for students! $25 and valid until August 27! Passes are available at the vendors listed below or online.

Available Bus Passes:
$270 Unlimited 6 month Pass (Next one valid from June 1st though November 30, 2017)
$50 Unlimited 1 month Pass
$10 Unlimited Hailey/Bellevue 1 month Pass
$22 Pack of 12 Adult one-way rides
$40 Pack of 24 Adult one-way rides
$15 Pack of 12 Youth/Senior one-way rides
$26 Pack of 24 Youth/Senior one-way rides

$25 Summer pass for Students (Valid June 7 through August 27, 2017)

Passes are also available for sale at:
Atkinsons’ (Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum), Stinker Gas Store, Albertson’s, Hailey Chamber, CSI Campus, Oasis store (formerly Guffy’s) in Bellevue and Village Market in Ketchum.

Questions? Call Kim at 788-7433 x103

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