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News for November 2014
Our Winter schedule will start on Thanksgiving Day, November 27th.

Photos courtesy of Steve Deffe. Thanks!

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 We will be relaunching a new and improved bikeshare in May 2015.
New membership details below.

Thanks for being a part of 5B Bikeshare.
Bike More, Drive Less

What is 5B Bikeshare?
5B BikeShare is a program administered by Mountain Rides initially as part of the City of Hailey Climate Challenge EPA Grant in 2012.
  • Become a member of 5B Bike share and use one of 40 bikes to run errands, get to appointments, go to lunch within Hailey or Ketchum.
  • Combines GPS technology and lock system, wireless communications, on bike solar-powered keypad and a mobile application or website to find, reserve, and unlock bikes for use.
  • 40 cool and comfortable white town cruiser smart bikes with handlebar baskets to carry things (lunch, mail, purchases etc.) 
How does it work?
  • Uses wireless technology, GPS and a lock system integrated into each bike to locate, reserve, and release bikes.
  • Bikes can be located in real-time through the Mountain Rides website or a SoBi app for Android and iPhone.
  • Bikes can be locked to any sturdy bike rack in town and 5B Bikeshare Hubs are located around town to find bikes, reserve a bike, ride a bike, and return a bike preferably to a marked HUB location when finished.
  • Start and end your trip anywhere in Hailey or Ketchum depending on where trip originated.
  • Join and receive a member number then choose a pin # to reserve and unlock bikes using the on-bike keypad, your mobile device, or the social bicycles website. (www. 
  • Preferred bike Hubs clearly marked bike hubs in Hailey and Ketchum and on the website under map.
When can I start using 5B Bikeshare?
  • 5B Bikeshare launches in May 2015 in both Hailey and Ketchum and will be available for the riding season through November.
How much does it cost?
  • 5B BikeShare is affordable and flexible options include monthly membership ($10), seasonal membership ($35), or pay-as-you-go membership ($5).
  • 60 minutes free use per day included in monthly and seasonal rates and incremental usage fees for longer trips that exceed the included free time.
  • Business passes available for discount with purchase of 5 or more passes/business and employee use of passes.

How does it benefit me and the community?
5B BikeShare provides a convenient, inexpensive, and healthy way to get around town to reduce traffic and pollution and provides user with an opportunity to get a little exercise and enjoy some fresh air when using the bikes.

Contact Mountain Rides today to sign up or to have someone come to your business to give you an overview: 208-788-7433 or email

Program Sponsorship— Buy Ad Space and Wrap Vinyl Logo On Our BikeShare Baskets for $350 for all season
For more information - email